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OmniLegion is your trusted information technology advisor. We help simplify choices standing between your technology and growth by listening, evaluating, and deploying the right solutions.  We do the hard work, so you don't have to!
OmniLegion will assess your entire IT stack to identify weaknesses, inefficiencies, and lost opportunities. Our experts supply solutions that smooth customer interactions, provide needed layers of security, and simplify your operating procedures
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Why you should partner with OmniLegion

OmniLegion delivers solutions that help your business grow. With years of IT experience, we have the unique ability to connect you with intelligent solutions that delight customers, smooth operations, and pad your bottom line. We can integrate these solutions into your operating platform to vastly expand the way you intake and handle data. In addition, we can also provide support for the integration of a number of key customer experience solutions.
We are experts in contact center deployment and install Amazon Connect and support Cisco Unified Communications/Contact Center systems that optimize your incoming/outgoing customer communications, including:

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Build rich and engaging customer experience applications with AI-driven voice response technology so your customers feel like they already know you.
Conversational bots
We know how these systems work and can connect you with a solution that best suits your customers and your business.
CTI integration
We deliver advanced computer telephone integration systems that allow integrated, coordinated interactions on a phone or computer.
Our core focus is enhancing your customer experience platform through cross-channel strategies that leverage the best of today’s powerful systems. Ready to get started? So are we!
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OmniLegion is your trusted information technology advisor. We help demystify technology choices standing between you and seamless growth by evaluating solutions and matching core competencies to your goals. We do the hard work, so you don't have to!
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