Redesigning a FINTECH company’s Customer Experience with Amazon Connect

Executive Summary

This consulting project was for an online bill pay service that is on a mission to simplify finance for the masses. They were founded on the simple idea that it should be easy and secure to pay all your bills through a single account. When people see all their bills in a consistent format, they can reduce the hidden costs of paying bills and accomplish their financial goals. They support companies large and small, spanning all types of industries, to boost customer interaction, drive mobile engagement, get paid faster, and gain more insight into the markets they serve. Their model has disrupted the online bill paying industry and allowed for their services to be offered to markets and demographics across the globe. Conceived as a cloud-native platform, they have grown quickly and efficiently scaled their backend services platform in order to meet the growing demand for their services. As they grew, their customer experience platform became unsuited and too costly for their needs. OmniLegion Technologies was brought in to reduce the complexity of bill paying and consolidating the experience into a single platform. We supplied this solution by designing and deploying an Amazon Connect contact center solution complete with enterprise call flows, intelligent chat bots, versatile call routing, call queueing, courtesy callback and voicemail. The OmniLegion solution built a cleaner internal process for the CX team, and a frictionless customer experience allowing leadership to build their business for the future.

A friction-less customer experience is the only way to retain and grow your customer base

Their customer experience was not ideal. Previously, customers were presented a very basic frontend menu system to speak to support with no self-service options. If the customer service representative was not available, callers would leave a message and someone from customer service would call them back whenever the team got around to checking messages. This made for a problematic customer experience and made it difficult for customers to get their issues resolved.

Simplifying processes for your internal team keeps the team happy

This organization had approximately 30 CX representatives that were overworked and struggled to provide an optimal experience to their customers. They found it frustrating to service the various issues using multiple different platforms that were not integrated that ultimately made their work experience sub-optimal. In order to simplify this process, OmniLegion worked with their customer service team to define how and why their customers contacted them and mapped out their current solutions and processes. Following this, the team team defined the best process flow for information and how they could reduce the friction in the process and built it in Amazon Connect. The end result was a process that gave the customer a comprehensive voice solution, call queue, call-back option , chat and chatbots and voicemail. This was all built in a singular platform, significantly increased their customer satisfaction and allowed their customers to easily get their issues resolved. Their new experience allows the team work from a single pane of glass and leverage the intelligence of AWS’s full ecosystem to optimize their customers’ experience. Their new solution works seamlessly with Salesforce across voice and chat, services the majority of their issues using artificial intelligence, intelligent IVR and chatbots. This allows their agents to focus on the more challenging issues at hand.

The Result:

The customer was using multiple IT solutions to cover their customer experience including ADA for chat and AirCall for voice. The solution was functional yet lacked integration and was very expensive. Once the entire CX platform was on Amazon Connect, they were able to improve their overall customer experience, facilitate a better workflow for their agents and reduce their overall CX IT spend from $14K to less than $3K per month.

Designing the optimal flow and technology for the customer

Designing the optimal technology flow is paramount to delivering a long term, sustainable customer experience. OmniLegion’s team built out a solution using Amazon Connect as the platform and then built different interfaces to optimize the experience. The solution looks as follows:

What’s next? Optimizing voice response

Taking this solution to the next level will require improved voice understanding when customers read their email to the system. This will allow the team to use customer emails as their account and keep the process simple. To this date, it has been challenging to understand different accents so this might take longer than expected.

About OmniLegion Technologies

OmniLegion Technologies is a systems integrator and product development firm that designs and builds customer experience solutions from the ground up on Amazon Connect. We are a group of engineers that have 80+ years of experience in the contact center space working with various solutions and believe that Amazon Connect is the future.