Building Customer Experience with Connect from the Ground Up

Executive Summary

Recyclops is a startup technology company that describes themselves as a technology company that just so happens to pick up your recycling.  Their model has disrupted the recycling industry and allowed for these services to be offered in small and mid-sized cities where recycling has not previously been available.  From the beginning, they had a website, spreadsheets, and a cell phone in order to service their customers.  As they grew, this model became unsustainable, and they needed a full customer experience platform to maintain an optimal customer experience.  OmniLegion supplied this solution by designing, and deploying an Amazon Connect contact center solution complete with enterprise call flows, intelligent call routing, call queuing, courtesy callback and voicemail.  The OmniLegion solution built a cleaner internal process for the Recyclops team, and a friction-less customer experience allowing Recyclops to build their business for the future.

A friction-less customer experience is the only way to retain and grow your customer base

Recyclops customer experience was not ideal. Previously when their customers would call in, they were met with uncertainty, this was largely due in part to the availability of the customer service representative on the other end of the line. If the customer service representative was not available, callers would leave a message and someone from Recyclops would call those customers back whenever the team got around to checking messages. This made for a problematic customer experience and made it difficult for customers to get their issues resolved.

Simplifying processes for your internal team keeps the team happy

In order to simplify this process, OmniLegion worked with Recyclops to define how and why their customers contacted customer support. Then the Recyclops team defined the best process flow for information and how they could reduce the friction in the process. The end result was a process that gave the customer a call queue, a call-back option if they did not want to wait, and voicemail if their issue was not urgent. This process significantly increased their customer satisfaction and allowed their customers to easily get their issues resolved. Simplifying processes for your internal team helps keep the team happy.

Recyclops had 4 customer experience representatives that were overworked and struggled to provide an optimal experience to their customers. They found it frustrating to service the various issues using a cellphone and a voicemail box that ultimately made their work experience sub-optimal. Their new experience designed from the ground-up allows the team to have a true customer experience line, and service the customers in order. It also allows them to prioritize the issues based on urgency, and keeps the customers happier by always staying on top of the most pressing customer issues.


Executive Summary

Based in Utah, Recyclops is a technology company that just so happens to pick-up your recycling. They are disrupting the recycling industry for small to medium sized communities by reinventing the way your recycling is collected and disposed. They describe themselves as the “Uber” of recycling by contracting with local drivers who own a truck and a trailer, and pay them an hourly rate to pick up, and drop off your recycling. They facilitate this by trading garbage cans for recycling bags, and ask that their customers stack their cardboard.
To date, Recyclops is in 21 cities, with an additional 25 in "pre-launch" status.

Designing the optimal flow and technology for the customer

Designing the optimal technology flow is paramount to delivering a long term, sustainable customer experience. OmniLegion’s team built out a solution using Amazon Connect as the platform and then built different interfaces to optimize the experience. The solution looks as follows:

What’s next? Chat, optimizing the UX and Allowing the team to go mobile

OmniLegion and Recyclops continue to perfect the solution and add features to make the experience friction-less for both the customer and the representative. Over the next several months, the team will be deploying mobility options, chat & chatbots, and a user interface that will act as an intelligent single pane of glass. They will also be implementing Amazon PinPoint for post call communication and surveys. Deploying these and other options will allow Recyclops to demonstrate that they are truly a tech company that just happens to pick up your recycling.

What’s next? Chat, optimizing the UX and Allowing the team to go mobile

OmniLegion Technologies is a systems integrator and product development firm that designs and builds customer experience solutions from the ground up on Amazon Connect. We are a group of engineers that have 80+ years of experience in the contact center space working with various solutions and believe that Amazon Connect is the future.