Building an end-to-end customer experience with Amazon Connect

Executive Summary

Reveo is a customer review SaaS solution that helps companies manage their reviews on all social platforms including Google, Facebook and Yelp. Their solution helps customers increase overall reviews, manage all incoming reviews (positive and negative), monitor their reputation and get found online. You can imagine what the inbound traffic might look like for a solution like this. Reveo’s customer service team is small and needs to have a solution that helps them deflect, optimize and automate their overall experience. In order to do this the team first designed and built out a chatbot using Lex and Connect to deflect simple issues on the front end. Second, we facilitated an escalation path to a live chat and voice agent. The Connect contact center solution complete included enterprise call flows, intelligent call routing and call queueing. The OmniLegion solution built a cleaner internal process for the Reveo team, and a frictionless customer experience allowing Reveo to build on their experience going forward.

Deflecting unnecessary questions allows the team to focus on what’s most important

Given Reveo’s customer experience team is small and nimble, they do not have extra time to work on small issues that can be solved with self-service. Many of their problem resolution revolved around password resets and frozen accounts. This trend holds true with what Gartner published estimating that 20-50% of help desk issues falling into these categories. There was really no need for customers having to make calls to resolve these issues.

Understanding the issues, the OmniLegion team designed and built a chatbot to be used on the front end of Reveo’s SaaS solution focused on deflecting and solving this issue. This essentially eliminated these types of calls. This solution was deployed using Lex.

Allowing for customer escalation is necessary to an end-to-end solution

We would all be naïve to think that building self-service capabilities on the front end of a solution would solve everyone’s problems. This is why the team made sure that they built a path to escalation over both chat and voice. For this purpose, the OmniLegion team designed and deployed a contact center solution to take any issue that couldn’t be resolved up front over chat or voice. This was deployed using Amazon Connect allowing an agent to work both chat and voice queues to resolve any issues. This solution makes it frictionless for the customer to get issues resolved and easy for the agent to solve incoming issues creating a better overall customer engagement experience

Executive Summary

Based in Utah, Recyclops is a technology company that just so happens to pick-up your recycling. They are disrupting the recycling industry for small to medium sized communities by reinventing the way your recycling is collected and disposed. They describe themselves as the “Uber” of recycling by contracting with local drivers who own a truck and a trailer, and pay them an hourly rate to pick up, and drop off your recycling. They facilitate this by trading garbage cans for recycling bags, and ask that their customers stack their cardboard.
To date, Recyclops is in 21 cities, with an additional 25 in "pre-launch" status.

Designing the optimal flow and technology for the customer

Designing the optimal technology flow is paramount to delivering a long term, sustainable customer experience. OmniLegion’s team built out a solution using Amazon Connect as the platform and then built different interfaces to optimize the experience. The solution looks as follows:

What’s next? Expanding chat, Allowing the team to go mobile and customer outreach using PinPoint

OmniLegion and Reveo continue to perfect the solution and add features to make the experience frictionless for both the customer and the representative. Over the next several months, the team will be deploying mobility options so agents can be mobile. They will also continue to build out chatbot use cases to continue to help deflecting simple issues. Finally, Reveo will be deploying an outreach campaign technology using Amazon PinPoint for post marketing and surveys for their customers. Deploying these and other options will allow Reveo to grow their solution and drive additional value to their customers.

About OmniLegion Technologies

OmniLegion Technologies is a systems integrator and product development firm that designs and builds customer experience solutions from the ground up on Amazon Connect. We are a group of engineers that have 80+ years of experience in the contact center space working with various solutions and believe that Amazon Connect is the future.