Mitch Franklin - CIO






Mitch F.

Outcome-focused Senior Program Manager with an unrivaled appetite for digitally transforming legacy IT environments into modern, “utility-based” architectures that improve business efficiencies, lower overheads, and increase profitability with faster ROI on capital expenditures. Expertise in managing large-scale IT transformation programs, implementing Agile methodologies, and overseeing global multi-site operations, acquisitions, and contract negotiations. A skilled leader who has managed over 180+ direct associates with P&L responsibilities of $60M+ and has built successful teams, developed innovative strategies, and achieved exceptional results. Enthusiastic about technology and coupled with expertise, capable of enabling organizations to reach new heights in digital transformation, operational efficiency, and profitability.


• Enterprise planning: Aligning technology investments with business goals.
• Cost controls: Managing the technology budget and optimizing return on investment.
• Organizational streamlining: Improving efficiency and eliminating redundancies.
• Digital transformations: Leveraging technology for business innovation and growth.
• IT governance: Ensuring management of IT operations.
• Turnaround strategies: Identifying technology-related issues that impact business performance.
• Outsourcing/offshoring: Reducing costs and accessing specialized skills.
• Process improvements: Streamline business operations and improve service delivery.
• Workforce planning: Attracting and retaining IT talent, ensuring IT teams have the skills needed to
support organizations.