Network Services / Information Technology / Administration

I am seeking to work with a big tech firm, that will provide me with wide exposure to learning different technologies. I am most passionate about IT Computer Networks, Servers, Cloud Storage and IT Security. My ideal role is an IT Tech Support Engineer, in addition, looking for a challenging position where there is constant learning involved, the scope for enhancement of technical skills, and optimum career growth. I under-graduated from Mumbai University and then worked with Wipro Technologies. I was assigned by Wipro to a team handling all IT-related issues for the national operations center of RBL Bank, which was headquartered in Mumbai(India). I have consistently performed my duties with competence and often go the extra mile doing more than expected. I am known to be detail-oriented, a well-organized team player, and a good communicator. I never miss my deadlines and am able to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. In my performance reviews my supervisors always appreciate my professionalism and enthusiasm for work.