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The economic downturn has had a significant impact on all industries. Some companies have placed hiring freezes, while others have plans for layoffs. We can help you navigate this challenging time without taking unnecessary staffing risks.

Types of fractional gigs

Why Hire Fractional Executives?

With the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace, employers need to be savvy regarding hiring and leveraging the different types of talent. Fractional executives are an effective modern approach to talent management, allowing employers to hire experienced professionals on a part-time or project basis without breaking the bank. This type of talent can help mitigate risk and reduce the liklyhood of early management mistakes made from inexperience.

  • Availability – Employers can access workers at any time or place.
  • Cost – Far less expensive than hiring full-time staff.
  • Increased Efficiency – Hire talent when and for the time needed.
  • Reduced Risk – Fractional talent is not permanent and can be removed more easily when budgets are cut.
  • Shorter Hiring Process – Employers can often get the right people on board faster without the red tape of a full-time hire
  • Vast Experience – Bring experience across multiple companies and industries.

This strategy can be especially beneficial for small and medium sized businesses needing the insight of an executive but lack the capital for a full-time hire. 

How do Fractional Executives Help?

Fractional executives are becoming increasingly popular with
businesses of all sizes and provide organizations with a variety of benefits:

  • Industry Expertise – Have a wealth of knowledge in a specific industry and can provide valuable insights and perspective.
  • Leadership, Management & Oversight  Have held senior leadership roles and can provide strategic guidance and mentorship to a company’s existing leadership team.
  • Specialized Expertise – Bring specialized expertise in marketing, human resources, finance, or operations.
  • Objectivity – Fractional Executives bring an outside perspective and objectivity to problem-solving and decision-making.

This strategy can be invaluable to companies in any growth
stage and will be a common strategy leveraged by leaders in the near and long term.
 Fractional Executives are your resource; use them efficiently, and your desired growth will come. 

Building a successful business with a fractional executive

What Types of Fractional Talent?

Every company comes with different needs. Before contacting NeoGig, consider what your primary needs are so we can provide the best suited person for your challenge.

  • Strategy/CEO – High level strategy and coaching.
  • Marketing/PR – Build strategy and oversee marketing projects.
  • Finance – Raise capital, budgeting, and strategy.
  • Operations – Build operational processes and oversee team.
  • Human Resources – HR strategy, processes and benefits.

These are just the beginning of the different executives that may help you achieve your goal.

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