What's new with Amazon Connect?

September 29, 2020

Keeping up with all of the new features that are constantly being released within the AWS ecosystem is next to impossible. However, keeping up with all of the Amazon announcements that affect just Amazon Connect is much more doable. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most important updates from Connect in the last couple months and are providing you with a breakdown of each

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

One of the more significant updates to hit the Amazon Connect world these last couple of months was the release of Service Cloud Voice by Salesforce. Service Cloud Voice brings together voice, digital channels, and CRM data into one unified contact center experience. Of the more advanced features like conversational transcriptions and an advanced supervisor desktop, businesses can also take advantage of Einstein AI to provide an Expert System out of the box for agent next best action recommendations.

Supervisors and agents will have access to real-time transcription via Amazon Transcribe, call recording playback via Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and CRM integration with call analytics. Service Cloud Voice uses AWS AI/ML Services and Einstein for Service, allowing agents to leverage knowledge articles, next best actions, and recommendations in real time.

Connect adds cut, copy, and paste to Contact Flow Editor

Amazon Connect enables customers to easily copy and paste blocks within and between flows. Now, administrators can select, cut, copy, and paste a complete flow or multiple blocks within or across flows. Any configured settings, layout arrangements, and connections are persisted, reducing errors and saving time when duplicating functionality or editing.  In our opinion, this is one of those updates that seems painfully overdue, and was received very positively.

Connect launches API to configure routing profiled programmatically

Amazon Connect now provides an API to manage routing profiles in an instance. Using this API, you can programmatically create new routing profiles or update existing routing profiles to adapt to changing traffic patterns in your contact center. For example, you can automatically adjust queue priorities when there are spikes in contact volumes to prioritize contacts with the longest wait times first, and revert to your previous queue priorities when traffic returns to normal. To learn more, see the API reference guide.

Amazon Connect launches Contact Flow management APIs

You can now create, describe, update, and publish contact flows via API. Contact-center administrators can now programmatically configure and test their contact flows, accelerating the time and effort to deploy changes and minimizing avoidable errors. With these flow APIs, you can automate the progression of contact flows between your development, staging, and production environments. To learn more, see the API reference guide.

APIs that list prompts within your instance

You can now programmatically list all prompts in your instance, enabling you to automate recurring processes that are manual. For example, you can identify the prompts that need to be rerecorded with a new voice actor or replicated in a new language, or automatically resolve prompt ARNs between your development, staging, and production environments, saving time and minimizing errors. To learn more, see the API reference guide.

AWS reduces telephony costs

Amazon Web Services announced that it has reduced international telephony rates for consumers in North America for customers calling Canada, and receiving calls from the United Kingdom/Germany by up to 60%.

Additionally, for the second time in 2020, Amazon Connect is announcing outbound telephony cost decreases across six countries in Europe. Starting September 1st, Amazon Connect, an easy to use contact center service, decreased the following outbound telephony rates in the EU Central (Frankfurt) and EU West (London) regions for the following six countries: 

Portugal by 79% from $0.2985 to $0.0618 per minute
Spain by 64% from $0.0696 to $0.0250 per minute
France by 15% from $0.0424 to $0.0359 per minute
Sweden by 14% from $0.0494 to $0.0423 per minute
Austria by 12% from $0.0447 to $0.0393 per minute
Italy by 1% from $0.0407 to $0.0405 per minute

What else is new?

For the full rundown on everything that has been announced click here

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