What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

March 19, 2021

Cybersecurity - Extend Your Reach Using an MSSP

Today, businesses feel outnumbered by the prevalent armies of unscrupulous cybercriminals, with many prominent companies experiencing breaches on a daily basis. At times any CISO worth their salt can feel overwhelmed by the constant threat of data security breaches and the endless stream of cyber threats and criminals. Consequently, businesses are transforming how they react to and proactively manage these threats with the use of managed security service providers (MSSPs).

As a reactionary result, managed security providers are growing in popularity.  British Telecom, AT&T, and Verizon are examples of enterprise providers offering turnkey solutions for weary companies looking for help. A typical MSSP can augment internal people and processes, or completely replace a security organization using a typical XaaS model. Companies looking for experts across the security stack can find answers with a competent MSSP and in many cases reduce operational costs by not hiring multiple full-time security specialists.

What Is an MSSP?

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are a type of IT outsourcing or staff augmentation that provides a wide range of IT security-based operations while reducing internal staff requirements. Managed security services (MSSs) can cover a wide variety of cybersecurity and protection facilities, depending upon the resources and capability of the vendor and the exact needs of each customer. MSSPs also assist in around-the-clock supervision of IT regulation and overall network security, installing appropriate updates and responding to incidents as required. With selective or extensive MSS from a qualified supplier, businesses may relieve the burden on in-house IT units.

Enterprises can collaborate with cybersecurity advisors to assess the nature of their security requirements and whether an MSSP can benefit those key operations or not.  In order to amplify security across all organization devices and data, businesses can also choose to develop security software privately to complement any managed services applications.

What Value do MSSPs Add? 

It is important to note not only what is possible with an MSSP, but also how to maximize their services. A good MSSP will give an IT department more time to focus on other initiatives that help the company accomplish its goals with the knowledge that sensitive and crucial security systems are in the fingers of industry experts. The following are examples of some collective services:

Protected firewall: A managed firewall is a program that utilizes security professionals to provide more effective threat detection. These experts keep a vigilant and constant eye on your security system and respond to any potential threats.

Intrusion detection: Modern intrusion detection in practice entails questioning all elements, individuals, and applications, whether within or outside your network. A competent MSSP's intrusion detection strategy involves safeguarding all devices and processes, as well as ensuring that they aren't exploited by corrupt individuals to damage other systems either within or outside your organization.

Virtual private network (VPN): With the help of an MSSP, a VPN may be set up and configured to protect the company's operations. A private secure VPN can reduce the attack surface by protecting from other users' interference.

Vulnerability scanning: In addition to detecting possible threats, an MSSP can also scan the network for security weaknesses. Common threat vectors for cyber criminals like work areas and sensitive or confidential information, are often included. An MSSP can locate and highlight any weakness whether it's within an attack surface, nearby, or a few feet away.

Antiviral services: The MSSP can also construct an antiviral program portfolio that addresses the most pressing risks. Antiviral strategies can also be enforced within various levels and points in the network.

"The vast majority of cyberattacks happen to small and midsize businesses and 60 percent fold within 6 months" INC. - Joe Galvin

MSSPs Augment Business Capabilities

An MSSP is designed to augment or substitute a company's inner security team. They can reduce your costs, improve protection, increase IT performance, and provide advanced technology to your company. An organization can attain many advantages by working with an MSSP:

Filling vacant positions: Due to the lack of qualified security professionals, it can be challenging and costly for any manager to fill open roles. By working with an MSSP, a company may fill the empty holes in its existing security team or completely change it.

Access to Specialist Expertise: The cybersecurity skills shortage also has ramifications far beyond a lack of cybersecurity staff. If an incident takes place, companies may need access to advanced cybersecurity resources from time to time. An MSSP has the capacity to keep this skill in-house and render it to be more accessible to consumers when they need it.

Constant protection: Cybercrimes can happen at any moment, not only during normal business hours.  An MSSP offers a continuous 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center) that detects and responds to possible cyberattacks.

Increased Security Maturity: Several companies, particularly medium and small companies, lack the extent of cybersecurity maturity that is needed. These companies can easily launch a mature cybersecurity strategy with the aid of an MSSP.

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership: High scalability and multi-tenancy are mainly supported by several cybersecurity solutions. This allows an MSSP to serve several clients with the same strategy, distributing the price of a secure cybersecurity framework through their client base.


Modern businesses are aided by technology and innovation, which increase productivity and generate valuable insights into business data. Extensible networks store valuable data and allow you to complete more work than ever. Your network system, as amongst your most treasured assets, merits the highest care and consideration when it comes to maintenance.

Cybercriminals are adapting and improving every day, making it challenging for IT departments to cope with the growing number of threats. An MSSP has the tools to zero in on threats posing the greatest risk to your network and its users. Thus, with the increasing use of MSSPs, companies and businesses are getting more efficient in battling this prolonged war against cyberattacks. Leveraging an MSSP to some degree allows for companies to stay in front of issues and leverage experts across the board.

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