Top Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

May 21, 2020

As we settle into a post-COVID era of remote work and increased online communications, many companies are exploring ways to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. Because most non-essential workplaces have sent their employees home in accordance with social distancing guidelines, traditional legacy call centers are no longer a viable option. But how can businesses maintain their high standards for customer satisfaction?

Fortunately, technology has enabled us to keep in touch with customers, even while working from home. Incorporating a cloud-based contact center into your business may be just what you need to maintain momentum and keep your customers happy. Here at OmniLegion, we’re focused on providing bold and innovative solutions for the modern business to optimize and accelerate growth. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the top benefits of a cloud-based contact center.

What is a Cloud-Based Contact Center?

 A cloud-based contact center is an omnichannel experience that allows customer service agents to work across a single user interface. Utilizing an integrative set of applications, tools, and cloud-hosted services, organizations can communicate with customers virtually from any location. This central point of communication allows for inbound and outbound calls, voice and chat functions, call routing and queuing, as well as account management and data analytics.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

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While there are some obvious and immediate advantages to adopting a cloud-based contact center for your business, there may be some you haven’t yet considered. For example, a cloud-based contact center program can grow alongside your company, scaling up as your inventory and audience grow over time. In addition, data and reporting capabilities in a cloud-hosted system provide valuable insights to help your business improve its product and services in the future. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits a cloud-based contact center can offer your organization.

Better Customer Experience

Improving customer service is essential to the success of any brand or company hoping to survive in a competitive economic atmosphere. In fact, 96% of consumers say that customer experience is pivotal in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Today’s average consumer is tech-savvy and sophisticated and, therefore, less willing to tolerate a clunky and outdated call center service. As a result, companies need to ensure their call centers have a streamlined process for supporting customer communication.

A cloud-based call center integrates customer account information across multiple channels, which means customers won’t have to be redirected multiple times across departments. In addition, cloud call center software allows customers to interact with your company through various means, such as email, voice calls, and chat.

Reduce Costs Dramatically and Increase Efficiency

Companies can reduce costs by a large margin when transitioning from legacy to a cloud-based call center. The most immediate savings come from no longer having to expend resources toward real estate costs, such as rent, mortgage, and utilities. In addition, agents don’t have to spend time commuting to and from work. Instead, they can connect from convenient locations without having to travel back and forth to the office. Finally, call center managers no longer need to spend valuable time training agents to work across multiple tools. With a cloud-based call center, managers can train agents to use a single user interface. 

Simple Scalability

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The scaling capabilities of a cloud-based call center allow your company to grow without having to worry about costs increasing exponentially as well. A legacy call center limited by hardware licenses and budgeting concerns can pose problems when your company is planning for future growth. In comparison, cloud call centers are designed to adapt to seasonal cycles, changing consumer needs, and adjustments to product inventory. As volume increases at your company, cloud-hosted customer services can scale up without compensating the quality of customer connections. In addition, cloud-based call center solutions offer AI functions that can leverage insights and data from a high volume of interactions. 

Potential for Global Expansion

Along with scalability comes an ability to reach out to a greater customer base. Cloud-based call center solutions offer companies the opportunity to connect with customers across the world, thereby allowing them to expand operations on a global level. With the help of application program interfaces (APIs) all hosted in the cloud, your company can connect to other regions instantly without having to negotiate contracts with international carriers. For companies that want to offer their products internationally, cloud-based call center solutions allow their customers to enjoy top-notch customer service from anywhere in the world.

Testing and Reporting Capabilities

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Providing customer support is only a small portion of the vast capabilities offered by a cloud-based call center. All the time, effort, and resources spent on communicating with customers also grant companies the chance to collect important data. This data can be used to track incoming calls, evaluate the progress of marketing efforts, and determine busy call times. Companies can also track agent performance and learn where customers are responding well to the product or service or where they’re experiencing issues with your company’s offerings. Such metrics assist your company in the decision-making process regarding product development, operations management, agent training strategies, and customer service improvement.

Evolve Easily and Efficiently

Being able to track a high volume of significant data in addition to the customizable nature of a cloud-based call center allows companies to improve their customers’ experience on a frequent basis. Whereas changing procedures in a legacy call center can take months, the process of analyzing data, gathering feedback, and experimenting with new strategies can be done with ease on a cloud-hosted platform. This allows companies to move quickly to hone their customer service tactics and update training methodologies to ensure agents are performing at a high level. With this ability to constantly improve the system, companies are better equipped to provide the best customer experience possible.

Key Takeaways

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From lower costs to enabling further growth, there are a great number of benefits afforded by a cloud-based call center. For companies that value customer service across the board, a cloud-hosted call center is essential to providing customers with fast and reliable support across multiple channels. Additionally, cloud-based call center solutions provide a safer working environment for agents at companies that must adhere to shelter-in-place guidelines. A cloud-based contact center increases overall customer satisfaction while providing the safest working environment conditions for your company’s employees.

At OmniLegion, we specialize in the design and delivery of Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center solution. We are passionate about helping your company achieve customer service success through a dynamic system powered by AI and machine learning technologies. If you’re serious about increasing engagement and providing the ultimate in call center experiences for your customers, give us a call today.

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