Introducing SalesForce Service Cloud Voice

June 29, 2020

Let’s talk about SalesForce Service Cloud Voice for a second

Full Disclosure: As of the publishing of this blog, I have not yet actually experienced a live hands-on demo with this product.

What has been painfully true for Amazon Connect followers since the CCaaS platform was launched in March 2017 is the fact that a solid (keyword solid) unified CTI desktop experience has been non-existent, until now. Mind you, this is due to no fault of Amazon Web Services. Connect is meant to be a highly customizable platform with access to everything you need in order to offer better customer service at a reduced cost. It’s just that AWS isn’t in the business of building CTI user interfaces, and knew better than to jump into a field that is better suited to the software manufacturers who would ultimately duke it out for this real-estate: CRM and ITSM developers.

Enter SalesForce. In November 2019 it was announced that AWS and SalesForce would be expanding their global strategic partnership with the integration of Amazon Connect as part of the Service Cloud Voice offering. It wasn’t hard to see this one coming. As one of the first companies to introduce an integration with Amazon Connect’s Contact Control Panel (CCP) back in the fall of 2017, it was clear that SF was up to something. Full disclosure: The CTI Adapter for SalesForce Service Cloud is not particularly mind-blowing, but it does what it set out to accomplish. The hard part was that it does just enough to get us excited, but not enough to satisfy our hunger for all of the fancier things you can do with Amazon Connect. I’m talking about AI, real-time transcriptions, intelligent IVR, sentiment analysis, Machine Learning, and more. The list literally goes on and on. While Service Cloud Voice doesn’t check off every box on our wish list, it’s a very solid start.

The hits:

  1. Real-time transcription
  2. Intelligent IVR
  3. Call recording integration into Service Cloud
  4. Seamless integration into the Lightning Experience
  5. Pre/post-IVR driven next best action driven by Einstein AI

The misses:

  1. Chat (integrated into the contact control panel)
  2. Sentiment analysis
  3. Voice Monitoring and Analytics
  4. Social Media Integration

The Verdict:

As more documentation and product details are revealed the closer we get to the supposed release date of mid-July, the more likely it is this entire analysis could completely change. However, it's my opinion that what SalesForce is cooking up will give them an extremely strong position in the service CRM industry for companies looking for a unified CTI desktop experience. Plus, some of the more advanced features such as Machine Learning and Expert Systems (Einstein AI) differentiate them from most of the "legacy" products out there in the market right now.

Much remains to be seen in terms of what is real versus vaporware at this point, but one thing is certain; SalesForce has changed the customer experience game overnight and most likely in my opinion positioned Connect to accelerate Amazon's plans to disrupt the industry.

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