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Do you prefer working on GIGs? We contract with companies looking for help from C-suite, Back Office (finance, HR, PR), IT and developer talent. We offer up these GIGs to our community and submit the best fits for each GIG.
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“I enjoy working on GIGs. I can choose the projects that interest me and decide when and where I work” Rob, a contract CFO
The labor market has evolved, and the talent is now holding the power. Whether you are a leader or individual contributor, you get to choose where, when and how you work. At OmniLegion, we contract with companies who supplement their teams with fractional talent. This could be a C-level leader who likes working on multiple projects or an individual contributor across various disciplines. If this type of work fits your lifestyle, please submit your skillset and we will work with you to find your next gig.

Talent we are looking for

Information Technology (7)
C-Level Resources (6)
Back Office (6)
We are looking for CFO level resources that are looking to be a strategic financial advisor to early-stage startups. This tends to be 5 to 10 hours per week.
OmniLegion is your trusted information technology advisor. We help demystify technology choices standing between you and seamless growth by evaluating solutions and matching core competencies to your goals. We do the hard work, so you don't have to!
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