Deploy Amazon Connect in HubSpot

April 5, 2021

OmniLegion is Changing The Game

HubSpot, a developer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service is one of the fastest growing CRM companies in the world. It was recently named one of Zapier’s fastest growing apps in 2018. “HubSpot has earned a reputation as a leading growth platform and for their standout CRM and marketing automation software for SMBs,” said Terry Wise, Global Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Amazon Web Services. Leading the surge in growth and adoption for HubSpot is the small and medium sized businesses (SMB) segment. Simply put, HubSpot has all the marketing, sales, customer service, and content management features your fledgling or growth accelerated business needs out of the box to compete in the ever-competitive global business landscape.

OmniLegion Technologies recognizes HubSpot as an up-and-coming leader in the CRM space. Their sales, marketing and services channels are on par with the best companies in the industry. For this reason, OmniLegion has made a significant investment in the platform to build the Amazon Connect CTI adapter. “We’re really excited about enabling Amazon Connect within HubSpot for both voice and chat. It’s an amazing platform and it will only get better” said EJ Bowen, CEO of OmniLegion Technologies. “OmniLegion is committed to investing in platforms such as HubSpot to make Amazon Connect more accessible to the SMB space.”
OmniLegion Technologies is currently in the process of making the integration available via the HubSpot Marketplace making the solution easily accessible. They also have the capability to deploy the solution for customers who reach out directly on an as needed basis.

For those of you that are familiar with different contact center CTI adapters, the HubSpot/Amazon Connect version will feel much like the others on the market.

OmniLegion Amazon Connect CTI Adapter Features include:

  1. Low-cost features of the Amazon Connect usage-based platform
  2. Powered by Amazon Connect
    1. Omnichannel routing
    2. Web and mobile chat
    3. High quality audio
    4. Outbound calling
    5. Skills-based routing
    6. Contact Lens advanced speech analytics
    7. Real-time and historical analytics
  3. Hassle free telephony
  4. Advanced CTI Integration with screen-pop capabilities
  5. Call recording with pause & resume functionality
  6. Chatbot functionality
  7. Single pane of glass for contact center agents

The OmniLegion Amazon Connect CTI Adapter will be released via the HubSpot App Marketplace toward the end of the second quarter of 2021. For more information on how Amazon Connect can power your Customer Experience platform, please visit

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