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CTI Connection for a Smarter Amazon Connect

OmniLegion delivers advanced CTI integration for Amazon Connect, offering contact center agents the ability to easily look up customer profile information and deliver a more efficient interaction.

With a CTI connection, agents spend less time on tedious and redundant lookups, and more time focusing on servicing customer’s immediate needs without searching for information, reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Bring the power of intelligent CTI to SalesForce. Amazon Connect CTI Adapter makes it easy to use your Connect contact center with Service Cloud. Amazon Connect runs on AWS proven infrastructure operating in 69 Availability Zones within 22 geographic regions, making it more highly available, fault tolerant and scalable than if a contact center solution was run from a single data center. There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage, so you can scale your Amazon Connect contact center up or down, onboarding up to tens of thousands of agents in response to business cycles.

Combine ServiceNow’s powerful service management solutions with Amazon Connect’s cloud-based customer contact center. With both platforms connected, companies can harness the strengths of each and simplify the work of agents. This allows them to quickly identify customers and their issues, and provide them with a solution, making customer service centers and helpdesks more efficient and cost-effective while driving higher external and internal customer satisfaction.

Deploy the latest generation of proactive, anticipatory customer service with the newly enhanced integration between Amazon Connect and Zendesk Support. This integration enables businesses to leverage sophisticated AI and machine learning services from AWS to improve contact center agent efficiency while reducing the time end-customers spend interacting with customer service. The benefits of a unified user-interface, time-saving agent tools, and native AWS integration enable seamless customer communication across all channels.

Extend cloud-based contact center functionality into your HubSpot solution with Amazon Connect. Transform your internal HubSpot into a system-wide CTI integration to offer a start-to-finish sales and marketing platform. For call center representatives, HubSpot CTI integration empowers staff with more than basic consumer data. It can include notes and history related to sales staff interactions, or even knowledge about which marketing materials potential consumers have received or opened.

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