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How Chatbots Can Improve Customer Service

Conversational AI, Virtual Assistance and the use of chatbots are on the rise today. The terminology can be confusing and so it is important to understand the differences in order to determine what is best for your customers. Understanding how customers interact with your business and their preferences for engagement are a must.

Businesses are looking for ways to deliver a better conversational approach to meet their customer’s needs in this day of fast-paced communication and right-now resolution. Many businesses are increasingly looking to incorporate sophisticated chatbot communications, which is why OmniLegion offers a full suite of services that leverage the power of Amazon solutions like Amazon Connect, Lex, Polly and more in order to deliver a complete experience.

Chatbot Conversational AI Uses


Shifting repetitive and time consuming sales tasks that humans typically perform to an application-driven chatbot can boost KPI’s across your sales organization. Additionally, offering your customers with the ability to conduct a conversational interaction with a chatbot, they can have complex multi-step conversations with AI-enabled platforms that use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered by the same deep learning network that Amazon uses for Alexa. Using chatbots to order products, generate leads, funnel your social-network traffic to qualified sales reps, and more can help lean-up your sales force, or enable them to become more skilled.

Customer Support

One of the greatest challenges organizations face with customer support is hiring skilled employees to perform simple tasks. Staffing overqualified individuals to spend thousands of work hours performing easily machine-replicable tasks reduces efficiencies and leads to an unpleasant customer experience. With the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning, support focused companies can offload common tasks to chatbots and automation through cloud-enabled AWS workflows.

Delivery Service

Consumers not only want the ability to serve themselves they expect it in this day and age. In the past we had to rely on simpler, more inefficient forms of communication to serve our needs. For example, phone calls, as a method of communication, require the majority of our attention thereby eliminating our ability to multi-task. According to Forrester Research 41% of customers expect live-chat technology on your website. Additionally, 79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses instead of waiting on hold or wondering when somebody will respond to your email request. Perhaps the most damning evidence of businesses not understanding consumer needs is the statistic that 47% of consumers haven’t had a positive live chat experience in the past month. A robust, well designed chatbot platform will ensure your consumer’s digital experience matches your excellent delivery system.


Health professionals have limited resources and are not able to monitor and support patients in their everyday life. Text-based messaging services are “cheap, fast, democratic and popular” and, especially for young people, the preferred way of communication. With the rise of telehealth services combined with a wider availability of digital assistants, the healthcare industry is increasingly looking toward chatbots as a way to augment their patient experience. With the vast amount of public healthcare-related datasets available today, organizations can truly deploy conversational chatbots that offer a human-like interaction powered by the AWS Cloud.

Chatbot Benefits

Increased Customer Engagement

Keep up with trends and stay ahead of your competitors by being present on digital messaging platforms. Since it’s easier and faster to use, customers prefer to interact with brands via chat. 65% of smartphone users don’t download any new apps in a given month. Therefore, integrating your own chatbot into one of the other core apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) is better than building your own app and saves you time and money.

Decreased Bounce Rate

The always on and always ready-to-serve nature of chatbot platforms gives your business the ability to stay open all the time. Whether you use bots for customer service, order fulfillment, delivery support, or knowledge base, your customers will know you are going to be there night and day.

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