Contact Centers in a Virtual World

October 1, 2020

Monitor your virtual workspaces.

If you could hit the rewind button to one year ago, the world would look a lot different. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to find and adjust to a new norm.  Masks, social distancing, and virtual offices have become commonplace.  As a result, most organizations have had to move quickly to shift resources, and most likely made compromises in exchange for convenience when it comes to workspace security. But eventually life will adjust and return to a semblance of normalcy. When that happens, what will become of the new virtual workforce?

We can all accept that the virtual agent has proven effective and will not go away.  It's also safe to assume a portion of agent populations will remain virtual going forward.  So, how can businesses manage virtual workforces with confidence they’re doing they’re job as if you were looking over their shoulder? When you think about cybersecurity, acronyms like PHI and HIPAA come to mind, and with agents sitting at home, what are the risks you open your business up to?  Obviously, the risks increase significantly.

Enter workspace monitoring

The concept of Workspace Monitoring started before the world locked down, but has become more relevant than ever given the “work from anywhere” trends.  Employees have been working from home for years, but not anywhere close to the levels of today. Given that these employees can exist and work in their personal domiciles alongside family members and friends, what can business do to mitigate these risks when there is a perception that people aren’t watching?  Will employees save credit card information?  Will they take pictures of their screen?  Is personal data safe?

The real answer is we don’t know. As the old Proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and the industry has responded with solutions to bolster confidence in these virtual security models.

How does it work?

Using a video monitoring solutions, managers can detect and identify security threats and respond to them immediately. These responses can range in action from eliminating, investigating, or containing the threats being posed to your organization.

However, it’s not as easy as placing cameras in every employee’s workspace and then watching them.  If you did this yourself, it would require building an application with the requisite infrastructure to power it, and intelligence to run it which would cost your organization lots of money in man hours. Conversely, there are commercial off the shelf solutions available to provide this feature much cheaper and at a higher scale. 

With Workspace Monitoring apps, you can get a 360 degree view of the employee's desktop, screen and the person working at it so they have the appearance of their manager being there 24/7.  And, if they do break protocol, the monitoring solution can alert that there is an issue to be resolved.  This makes it possible for an employee to literally work from anywhere, like a coffee shop, airport, home office, or a library but make it so they’re still close to their employer.

These solutions are essentially designed to increase the visibility of the workspace by providing meaningful insights into data access, productivity, the business processes that encompass job functions, and the physical area where they get performed.  The end goal is to track the end-user experience (computer activity and physical environment) to optimize endpoint data security and productivity.

General Capabilities

  1. Computer Activity Monitor
  2. Data Loss Prevention
  3. Workspace Video Monitoring
  4. Response Policies

Other Considerations

  • Complete Visibility – A Workspace Monitoring and Response (WMR) solution should be able to view and track all events occurring in your organization’s systems in order to provide adequate protection through early detection and response. This will help the WMR see and understand all possible threats, and tackle an attack proactively.
  • Information Gathering Modification – A capable WMR service must modify its information gathering technique routinely. This is because technology evolves quickly, and the bad guys are always creating or exploiting new threats. Thus, to keep your systems protected, the WMR solution must be reassessed and reconfigured from time to time to match new security demands.
  • 24/7 Protection Against Threats – Sustained visibility and interactivity throughout the day is a requirement for a WMR with an excellent Management element. Cyber-attacks, unlike physical attacks, do not need specified hours to happen. So, your WMR service must be on the lookout for attacks every second of the day. To do this, all information gathering systems and WMR staff members must be on alert and monitored throughout the day.


Many people feel like the world will never be the same - and in some respects, they may be right.  However, businesses will adjust and figure things out. So, now is the time to apply the right solutions to your business processes - safeguard your data and keep bad actors in check with the right tools. Hiring the right personnel is always a gamble, but hedging your bets with smart technology can help mitigate what could be serious consequences like data breaches or worse. Whenever you hire new employees, you make the assumption that they are trustworthy based on things like background checks and other processes.  And ultimately, we’re all trustworthy when people are watching.  The question is, what do people do when they’re alone and nobody is watching?  This is where companies need protection.

Reach out if you’re interested in a conversation about how this might work for you in your contact center and we’ll schedule a demo.

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